February 21, 2013

Chino Hills Weight Loss – Joe’s 6 week challenge result

Sam: Good morning, Joe.

Joe: Good morning.

Sam: How are you?

Joe: Good.

Sam: Good. So now tell me, you lost already how many pounds with us?

Joe: About 45.

Sam: 45 pounds. But you want to take it to the next level.

Joe: Yup.

Sam: 250.4 so we need to get down to 230.4 in six weeks. OK. Let’s go put that on the calendar.

Joe: OK.

Sam: Good morning Joe.

Joe: Good morning.

Sam: What’s going on?

Joe: Oh, not much.

Sam: So, it’s February 13th today.

Joe: Yup.

Sam: So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You go to get to eat.

Joe: Yes.

Sam: But – so you weighed in I believe it was January 2nd, right?

Joe: Yes.

Sam: And you weighed in at 250.3?

Joe: 250.4.

Sam: 250.4. And today is exactly six weeks later.

Joe: Yes.

Sam: OK. So the target weight was 230. OK. So you needed to lose 20 pounds in six weeks. I know you’re going to be close. So let’s see what you got. I’ll follow you to the scale, baby. Let’s do this. 230.9 So you lost 19.5 pounds.

Joe: Yup.

Sam: So you lost 19.5 so you missed it by half a pound.

Joe: Half pound.

Sam: You want to come back later on? You want to come back later on and come back and try to see if you can lose the half pound?

Joe: I don’t know if I could.

Sam: But you did pretty good though.

Joe: Oh yeah.

Sam: 19.5 pounds. Great job. 19.5 pounds in six weeks. Perfect.

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