February 1, 2013

Chino Hills Personal Trainer 6 Week Challenge – Stephanie and Frances Round 2

Sam: Stephanie and Frances in the house.

Stephanie: Hello.

Frances: Hello.

Sam: The crazy cousins. Now, so for the first six weeks, Stephanie, you lost 20 pounds.

Stephanie: Yes.

Sam: Actually, in five weeks.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Sam: And you lost about 12, Frances.

Frances: Right.

Sam: All right. So now, we’re going for the second round. So now, we’re going to figure out in six weeks, how much you want to lose? Another 20?

Stephanie: Another 20.

Sam: Twenty.

Frances: Maybe I would go with 15.

Sam: Fifteen? OK. So we’re going to set the goal for you for 15 and we’ll set the goal for you for 20. Same as always. You hit it, your next six weeks is on the house. You don’t hit it, it will have to come out of the pocket.

Stephanie: Now, let me do this [indiscernible].

Sam: Let’s go.

Stephanie: You first.

Sam: Let’s go, Stephanie.

Frances: Frances.

Sam: Frances. Weighed in at 198.8. And Stephanie weighs at 190.7. So 15 pounds and 20 pounds. So now, we got to go look at the …

Stephanie: You’re going to do the math?

Sam: Yup, we’re going to do the math. So the 21st, MLK DJ [Phonetic], peace, love, chicken breast [Phonetic].

Stephanie: I think that’s MLK [Phonetic] what they want you to say.

Sam: Maybe that was where we want to go. One, two, three, four, five, six, March 4th, baby, March 4th. So we got to win it. Perfect. See you there.

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