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January 31, 2013

Chino Hills Personal Trainer 6 Week Challenge – Michelle

Sam: Hey, Michelle. What’s up?

Michelle: Hi.

Sam: How are you?

Michelle: Good.

Sam: So today is the 14th, January 14th.

Michelle: Yes.

Sam: And you just signed up for a 6-week transformation.

Michelle: Yes.

Sam: And your goal is to hit 130.

Michelle: Well, yes.

Sam: Actually 135 by Valentine’s Day. You could go on a shopping spree.

Michelle: Yes.

Sam: Oh, that’s easy. Let’s do this.

Michelle: Shopping is my motivation.

Sam: Yeah. We’ll I’m not going to comment on that one knowing your ethnicity. Go ahead. Yeah. South Coast Plaza, here we come. 147.2. Perfect. Perfect. So we’re going to – in six weeks, we’re going to get you down to 130?

Michelle: Yes.

Sam: OK. So let’s do this.

Michelle: OK.

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