December 19, 2012

Chino Hills Personal Trainer 6 Week Challenge – Kim

Sam: We have Kim Saltlake in the house. Today is December 10th.

Kim: Yes.

Sam: And you’re going to do the six-week transformation which means that your weigh in date to lose 20 pounds, your due date is – that sounds like a pregnancy, is January 18th.

Kim: January 18th.

Sam: Like due date, that sounds like a pregnancy.

Kim: I don’t have it anymore.

Sam: No more kids.

Kim: No more babies.

Sam: No more kids, OK. So step on up.

Kim: OK.

Sam: We’ve got to get this on video. We’ve got to make it official.

Kim: Great.

Sam: Let’s see what you got.

Kim: All right.

Sam: You said 177 or something, right?

Kim: That’s what it was this morning.

Sam: 176.2 on this scale.

Kim: I like this one better.

Sam: So 20 pounds in six weeks so that means we got to get 156.2 on January 18th.

Kim: That’s right.

Sam: Awesome. See you there.

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