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March 12, 2013

Chino Hills Personal Trainer 6 Week Challenge – Jess

Sam: What’s up Jess?

Jess: Hi.

Sam: What’s the date today?

Jess: Today is – I don’t even know what day is it. March 6th?

Sam: Oh no. My anniversary is around the corner. Oh boy, I better get going. All right, Jess. So come on in. Step on the step scale. Let me see what you got. 183.9. March 7th.

Jess: March 6th.

Sam: 6th. I’m the man. I don’t know all that kind of step.

Jess: I’m eight months post partum. So …

Sam: Eight months.

Jess: Yes. My baby will be eight months in two days.

Sam: OK. So what is our goal?

Jess: Thirty pounds.

Sam: Thirty pounds in how long?

Jess: Three months.

Sam: Three month, twelve weeks?

Jess: Yes.

Sam: Done.

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