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December 24, 2012

Chino Hills Personal Trainer 6 Week Challenge – Jen

Sam: Hey, everybody. What’s going on? It’s your boy, Sam. I’m with Jennifer. How are you, Jen?

Jennifer: Good.

Sam: So Jen, saw one of her friends doing our six weeks challenge and now she’s here. Oh, wait a second. We got Vicky over here. She’s another six-week challenger. Get it on Vicky. Vicky, don’t try to hide. Don’t try to hide. You got to get out. Yeah. You’re on the six-week challenge too so we got you on camera already.

Vicky: Yes.

Sam: All right. So Jen is going to weigh in right now. We already got the pictures. And what’s her due date?

Armando: That would be …

Jennifer: January 22nd.

Armando: 22nd, yes.

Sam: January 22nd, and today is …

Armando: The 12th of December.

Sam: So 12th of December, January 22nd. Let’s see what you got, Jen. Let’s look at what you got. Let’s see it quick.

Jennifer: Don’t!

Sam: Don’t freak her out.

Armando: All right. She’ll have to step off and get back on again.

Sam: Oh, you already made the weight in one day. See?

Jennifer: Yeah, I see. I lost …

Sam: OK. Let’s jump on.

Armando: Jump on.

Jennifer: OK.

Sam: 152.4. So we got to get to 132.4, January 22nd.

Jennifer: OK.

Sam: OK. Are you ready to do this? OK. Let’s do it.

Jennifer: OK.

Sam: Awesome.

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