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October 26, 2010

Rancho Cucamonga Boot Camp With Sylvia’s Progress Week #7

Sylvia was challenged to lose 40lb in 12 weeks in Rancho Cucamonga Boot Camp as she did when she was 37 years old.

One small problem: she is now 47 years old. Can she do it?

This is Sylvia’s 7th week on our program. She has lost 19lb in 6 weeks so far. Let’s see how she did on her 7th week.

Click Here To See Her Entire Progress Week By Week From The Beginning

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October 27, 2010

Sarah @ 5:33 am


You are doing awesome. You can do it

Steve @ 5:35 am

Keep up the good work Sylvia. It’s not going to be easy but it can be done. We are watching you.

Heather @ 5:37 am

It’s so inspiring watching Sylvia’s progress week by week. I can already see the major changes in her. Great job Sylvia and great job to Sam and Fitness Concepts.

Debbie @ 5:39 am

I am very inspired by watching Sylvia’s progress week by week. I live in chino and want to come by for a consultation. What is the best contact number to call?

Dr. Saman @ 5:42 am

Hi Debbie,

I am glad that this is inspiring you to do something about your health and fitness. You can call us at 909-693-5303 to schedule a consultation.
I look forward meeting you and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Cindy @ 8:31 am

Hi Sylvia,
Ruben and I are proud of you. Keep it up! You are a strong and determined person. You are looking great!

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