February 28, 2013

Chino Hills Boot Camp – 6 Week Challenge Result – Brandy

Sam: 187.5, right?

Brandy: Yeah.

Sam: So in six weeks, you got to get down to 167.5.

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: OK?

Brandy: OK.

Sam: So you know what the deal is. You know what the deal we made, right?

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: I have it on camera.

Brandy: You do.

Sam: This will hold in court of law.

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: All right. Brandy, what’s happening?

Brandy: Hi, Sam.

Sam: Look, so Brandy we just saw your picture six weeks ago and I got to say, holy crap! Like I really – I honestly was like looking at – going through all the videos and I’m like where is she, where is she? I almost like went right through it because that doesn’t even look like you.

Brandy: Totally different. I know. I’m so excited.

Sam: OK. So, you want to – I mean you look absolutely amazing like amazing.

Brandy: Thank you.

Sam: So, let’s weigh you in.

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: And see. What did you start?

Brandy: I started at 187.5.

Sam: 187.5, that’s what you started six weeks ago.

Brandy: Six weeks ago, 187.5.

Sam: OK. Let’s see what you weigh. But I’m telling you right now, I mean seriously, like I’m like speechless because I saw – because you see somebody every day, you don’t see the little change. I mean I see that you changed but often when I saw a picture, I was like, oh my God! OK? So let’s weigh you in. You’re 187.5 six weeks ago, let’s see what you got today.

Brandy: OK.

Sam: In six weeks.

Brandy: 187.5.

Sam: So, 175 point basically 4. So 12 pounds.

Brandy: 12 pounds.

Sam: 12 pounds in six weeks.

Brandy: Yes.

Sam: Now, how are your clothes fitting?

Brandy: My clothes have – my skinny clothes are starting to fit me. I’m – everything fits so much better. I feel better about myself. I’m stronger. When I started six weeks ago, I couldn’t even do girl push-ups and now in boot camp, I’m doing boy push-ups. I love it. My clothes are fitting better. I’m thinner. My face is thinner. I love it.

Sam: You look fantastic. Now, is everybody noticing?

Brandy: Everybody is noticing.

Sam: That’s what I’m talking about. That’s when you know – that’s when it gets fun. Everybody is like [0:02:04] [indiscernible].

Brandy: Absolutely.

Sam: Well, we love to have you and congratulations. Looking forward to getting more.

Brandy: Absolutely.

Sam: Bye-bye.
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