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June 24, 2009

Seems Like yesterday!! Carlos Buonavita at the Baby Shower

Just feast your eyes on this!!

Normally I don’t promote people on the blog unless I can really stand behind their work.

Carlos Buonvita, Grill Master, at Good Life Grill is one of the few people I can proudly put my name behind.

Check him out below!!

Carlos from Good Life Grill outside Dr. Saman Bakhtiar’s home grilling for the all his guests at the fun filled co-ed baby shower Saturday, June 6th.

To request pricing and menus email Carlos at

Good Life Grill


Yummy!!  Super delicious food from the Santa Maria Tri Tip to Carlos’ grandma’s Chimi Churi Sauce…it was absolutely a superb meal.

Again Carlos can be reached by email at or (909)614-9353


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June 29, 2009

CC @ 7:35 pm

Sam, I just wanted to stop by and say it was a pleasure meeting you at FBS09. It’s cool to see a fellow bodybuilder impact the community like you have. You were very approachable and cool. It’s absolutely Amazing what you’re doing with your blog and community. I wish you the best and maybe we can step on stage together someday….that’s if you don’t mind getting second place to me!? lol Be cool bro!!

I got McCombs crew redoing my site as we speak, can’t wait to dominate my area like you.

Do you do any coaching?

CC Matthews

Dr. Saman @ 8:37 pm

Thanks. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Thank you for the kind words.
As far as bodybuilding goes I hung up the trunks in 2005. Mu business and family takes all my time but would like to see you on stage. Let me know when you going to do a show.
Also let me know if I can be of help I never considered coaching but everyone always asks me.

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