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May 4, 2011

Best Exercises for Butt Development

Best Exercises for Butt Development

One of the main objectives of getting into a regular workout regimen or doing regular exercises is to get a firmer butt and thighs.

Both parts of the body are prone to becoming heavy if you don’t exercise enough and this may destroy the sculpted look that you have always dreamed about.

One of the proven exercises for a firmer butt is the single-legged Romanian Deadlift.

Because it’s a single-legged maneuver, it also strengthens your ankles and other stabilizer leg muscles.

Start the exercise by looking ahead and then try balancing on one leg.

Try and kick the other leg behind you.

Try not to bend the knee when you are kicking.

Now keep bending forward while simultaneously trying to push the butt back while maintaining a flat back.

During the bending, kick the other leg out behind you.

Now at the same time, try and touch the toe of your foot that’s on the ground.

~note picture above~exercise is done w/ weights~exercise can also be done w/o weights as directed in written instructions above~

Your hamstrings begin to tighten and you feel the butt muscles squeeze.

Among theother butt exercises……

the most notable are…….


If you feel that your butt is way too skinny then squats could help you add muscle mass to them.

Squats have many variations and definitely help the butt muscles to grow.


Lunges involve tightening the butt muscles by getting back up through your heel and can be done while walking or jogging.

It is best done against a small hill or inclines.

Lunging begins with the reverse lunge.

Put your feet together and then step back with your left leg, both knees bent in such a way that the right shin should be absolutely straight.

Try and bend the left knee to touch the floor.’

The left knee should go straight down and almost touch the floor.

Put pressure on the right heel as you straighten up, bringing both feet back together.

Do it with the other leg after completing this routine. This should be done twelve times with each leg.

Hold on to something for support initially which can be withdrawn afterwards. Dumbbells can be added for increased resistance.

lower back extension

Lower back extension involves using a bench on which you need to lie down with appropriate weights in both hands.

You can feel your butt muscles tighten when you try to get back up.

running hills

Another effective butt building exercise is running up steep hills or stairs.

This certainly helps tone up the thigh and butt muscles and reshapes the butt area.

Abdominal fat too, can be shed effectively by doing these exercises.


The basic rules to remember when doing any workout or exercises to develop and tone your butt is to keep your back straight always and not to arch ever.

The head and chest too, need to be kept up and the heel should be raised while descending while the toe keeps touching the floor.

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