May 2, 2011

Best Exercises For Inner Thighs

Best Exercise for Inner Thighs

Getting shaped and toned thighs is surely a challenge not only for people having a rather sedentary life but also for those who are more than familiar with fitness routines. While other areas of the body are easier to tone and maintain, inner thighs are genetically prone to accumulate fat therefore they’re more difficult to slim down.

In fact, fitness trainers agree that the hip adductors, which are the muscles of the inner thighs, respond better to some specific physical activities and exercise routines. With only 15 minutes of daily exercises, one can get perfectly shaped thighs within eight to ten weeks. So before deciding which is the best exercise for inner thighs, let’s take a look to all the fitness routines recommended for this problematic area.


Perhaps the most known exercise for inner thighs is the bicycle, during which one should lay on his back and move the legs as if he was riding a bike. Alternating the movements – first the left leg is extended and then the right one is brought in front – makes this exercise less boring and also less tiring than other similar routines. These movements should be repeated at least 30-40 times for each leg.

For those interested in getting firmer muscles, the best exercise for inner thighs is done as follows: lying on the left side with the head resting on a pillow or towel, bend the right leg and bring it in front of you, on the floor. Then start extending and lifting the left leg as much as you can. When your leg reached the highest point, hold it there for a moment and gradually lower it; the next movement should be started without the left leg touching the floor. The routing should be kept for the right leg as well and for proper results and thinner thighs, this exercise should be repeated at least 20 times for each leg.

Another efficient exercise for inner thighs involves squeezing the fitness ball with the legs or more precisely with the inner thighs. Lying on your back with both legs kept slightly above the ground, place the fitness ball between your thighs and start putting pressure on it. Each time you do this, try maintaining the position for at least 20-30 seconds and then release the pressure and allow your muscles to relax. Repeated at least 6-7 times, this routine brings great results and shaped legs within few weeks.

As you can see, there are multiple alternatives when it comes to loosing the fat on the thighs and toning this area of the body. And the truth is the final results depend not only on one’s efforts but also on his or her genetics, lifestyle and dietary habits, so it’s pretty hard to decide which is actually the best exercise for inner thighs.

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