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June 7, 2013

Best Beverages For Fat Loss

If you’re on a fat loss diet at the moment, it’s going to be imperative that you are making sure to look at all the beverages that you are consuming as these can add up quickly and really take away from the results that you should be seeing.

If you aren’t monitoring your beverage intake as you should be, you end up taking in far more calories than you anticipated, which can dramatically set you back.

Let’s have a look at the weight loss friendly beverage choices that you can consider so you know what is good for you to be consuming.



You simply can’t beat water. Most people will already realize that this is definitely a top choice, but it should be stated again and again. Nothing hydrates better and will help your health more than a tall glass of cold water.

Drink at least eight glasses a day for best results.

Green Tea


Next, green tea is the second beverage on the list that’s going to help to further your weight loss goals. This one is great because it will actually serve to enhance the metabolic rate, thus can speed up the rate of results that you see.

Green tea is also loaded with antioxidants, so that will also assist with ensuring that you are doing what you can to promote good overall health.



Moving along, milk is the next good beverage choice to consider. Milk is full of calcium, contains almost 10 grams of protein per glass, and will be an excellent addition to your diet.

As long as you don’t suffer from lactose intolerance, you can drink one to two glasses per day provided you are calculating it in with your total calorie intake.

Also be sure to choose a lower fat variety of milk to avoid excessive saturated fat consumption.


Whey Protein Shakes


Finally, the last beverage to consider is whey protein shakes. These are going to be a great way to boost your protein intake dramatically, so are definitely something for you to consider. Most people aren’t currently getting enough protein in as it is, so adding the protein shake will help them out significantly in this regard.

Prepare them with some frozen berries, a small amount of skim or almond milk, along with some Greek yogurt if you want a thicker tasting shake.

So there you have four beverages that you can drink and still lose weight. Choose wisely and you will see the best possible results from your diet efforts.

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