June 28, 2011

Balanced Diet Awareness

Balanced Diet Awareness




Obesity has turned out to be the biggest epidemic in America.

Other Countries believe, that today America is a country of fat and extremely lazy people.

This alarming growth of weight affects people of all age groups.

A recent study shows that Americans showed significantly higher rates of diseases that are related to obesity compared to Britons.


The craze to cut down on flab is not new to America.

It has caught the attention of the people since the 1990’s.

However people ended up getting fatter.


In 2010 we are still blaming the carbs.


To check this menace, what is needed is growing awareness.

We need to understand the importance of balanced diet and educate people on the benefits of balanced diet.

The best place to start such awareness programs is from schools.


Integrating the concept of balanced diet into the daily lives of our populace can avert an impending crisis.


What is balanced diet?

Maintaining a balance of nutritious food intake is vital to the human body

Apart from solid food, balanced diet also comprises intake of right proportion of water and fruit juices.

The correct balance of intake helps maintain proper  condition and development of body cells.


Improper balance of  food  intake leads to a  rise in obesity.

For optimal  health conditions, a combination of balanced diet with light exercises is vital.

Awareness calls for educating people about the ill effects of junk food.


People must be forced to realize that all packaged and refined foods primarily leads to obesity.

The importance of vegetables, fibers, fruits, legumes must be stressed.

People must be encouraged to partake in activities like jogging, cycling, and playing outdoor games.


It seems most of our countrymen have forgotten the adage “health is wealth”.

It is time to restate the importance of the saying till it gets too late.


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July 1, 2011

ralph@fitness gyms near me @ 8:39 pm

This is very true, while we all want to be big and lean, health should be a bigger priority in our lives and diet.

October 14, 2011

Zobayeda @ what is high in fiber @ 7:36 am


It’s truly a grate resourceful site and I really love to see your images,you use inside this post.

There are another noticeable thing I found in your post that it is touches every single point that is need our sound health and I am agree with the quotation “Health is wealth” as well.

Grate post. Keep it up.