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May 25, 2011

Avoid Crack Doctors, part 2

In part one of our series on why you must avoid crack doctors, we talked about some of the illicit drugs they give out to desperate patients that want to lose weight fast. We discussed a couple of real-life drug busts that occurred, but the fact of the matter is these busts are far and few between. There are so many more crack doctors operating in California, posing as legitimate practitioners and trusted confidants. It’s a downright shame! In this part of the series, we’ll focus on the dangerous weight loss surgeries advocated by some crack doctors.

Last year,  CBS News reported that liposuction surpassed breast augmentation to become the most common type of plastic surgery in the US, accounting for 18.8 percent of all procedures. That being said, not enough research has been conducted on the way liposuction affects fat deposits in the body. Some people may have the fat removed and reform their lives, eating healthier and working out regularly to maintain their new slimmed physique. However, many patients go back to business-as-usual and gain fat deposits in unsightly and unnatural areas.  Researchers discovered that, one year later, women who had fat sucked out of their abdomen and thighs gained all that fat back – in their upper abdomens, shoulders and triceps.

The Mayo Clinic reports there are several dangers of liposuction to be concerned about: bumpy and withered skin, poor skin elasticity, unusual healing marks, spots that never go away, fluid fat accumulation beneath the skin, numbness, nerve irritation, infection, accidentally punctured organs, deadly fat embolisms, and life-threatening kidney or heart problems. Causes of death following liposuction include: drowning by excess fluid in the body, blood clots, and heart failure after being administered lidocaine. You need to avoid crack doctors who make it sound like liposuction is just a “quick, easy procedure” with no possibility of serious complications.

How about gastric bypass surgery? In 2005,  CBS News found that 1 in every 50 people die within a month of surgery. This number increases five-fold with inexperienced surgeons. Attorney Herman Praszkier reported that the vast majority of deaths were related to poor post-operative care and follow-up. Many crack doctors will send you into surgery with little to no counseling about the risks and  after care. Getting bypass surgery is not a magic bullet. You will need to eat healthy or you run the risk of nutritional deficiencies, gaining weight back or putting yourself at risk for a number of diseases. Patients who continue to smoke after receiving the bypass develop horrible, painful ulcers. Eating certain foods (like sweets) can cause what is known as “dumping syndrome”, where you break out in sweats and suffer cramping, explosive diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and heart palpitations.

Avoid crack doctors who are cashing in on your desperate need to lose a few pounds, without providing you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

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