October 28, 2008

Are you too old?

A 12 round boxing fight, 43-year-old Bernard Hopkins vs. 26-year-old champion Kelly Pavlik; who is going to win the fight? With a 17 year difference I went for Kelly Pavlik, along with millions of others. (As usual my wife Johnette chose the opposite of me…psshh after all, what do women know about boxing?)

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At the age of 43 Bernard Hopkins wins the best fight that he ever had! “People doubted me that I can do it, but I have strong will” states Hopkins.

Do you have that? Do you have that strong will to keep you persevering to reach your goals and obtain your dreams? Remember when we were kids and we had big dreams and aspirations? Where there was no limit as to what we could do or achieve! But look at us now; some where in between our childhood and our adulthood, we lost our hopes and dreams and got trapped in a rat race, and convinced ourselves “this is what is meant to be”, when in reality, what is meant to be is what our dreams were!

I use the Hopkins fight to convey to you that everybody underestimated Hopkins because he was supposedly “too old” to win. (As one of my favorite fighters and close friends, even I did not think he would win.) But because of his perseverance, willingness, and hard work, he was able to make his dream come true!

The same principal goes for us today! We ‘think‘ we are too old to try new things, or we convince ourselves that we cannot do the things we once used to any more.

See how these “mature” clients stay young

You may be thinking that “old age” or “physical imperfections” might be limiting you from what you want to do; it is nothing but a mind set. A mind set that will eventually stop you from enjoying life and the things around you. Notice not once was Hopkins or the clients above speaking negatively or feeling sorry for themselves, but they rejoiced in the things that they enjoyed doing and took pride in.

So, think back…What was one thing you really dream of doing as a kid? Have you done it? If not, why?

Think about it…and remember “You don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing“.

(Apparently Johnette knew more than I did…And once agian I lost another bet to her! Never underestimate women.)

Sam Bakhtiar
Chino / Chino Hills Top Personal Trainer
Fitness Concepts, Personal Training

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November 6, 2008

Don Steele @ 10:42 am

Sam, thank you so much for sharing (a small glimpse) of your story while growing up. I grew up in the fifties in southern California and was taught that the secret to success . . . is WORK! Most Americans (including myself) do not really know what it is like to go hungry or have to fear a brutal dictator. For many years I’ve said, that with today’s young people, we would have never made it past the Mississippi during the beginning of our great nation! We want everything handed to us for nothing and don’t even mention the word sacrifice. Your observation of our plight today, really hits the nail on the head . . . our condition is because of ourseleves! Thank you for putting things in perspective. Sincerely, Don Steele, pHd (P4:13)