September 7, 2011

7 Rules for Shrinking Your Belly Fat

Your belly fat is ruining your life – literally. It may look bad in the mirror and it may make your pants fit just a bit too tight. However, what it is really doing to you is causing an increased risk of developing conditions like heart disease and diabetes. The good news is that you can do something about it. How can you make your belly fat go away and get that toned, flat stomach you had when you were younger? It makes sense to make this your goal.

#1 – Take Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. It is these acids that can burn through your belly fat and help you to see improved health overall. Aim for six to ten grams per day or eat salmon or other fatty fish each day.



#2 – Eat Black Beans

They may not seem like a good choice but they can be. In fact, it has enough protein in it to help you to power through workouts and build muscle mass fast. Plus, it is good for your heart.




#3 – Eat Fruit

Eating fruit does more than just satisfy your sweet tooth. It can also help to boost your overall health by giving your body nutrients it cannot find in any other source. The more nutrients you put in, the healthier your body gets. More so, fruit is high in fiber, which helps to wash away your excess fat.



#4. – Do High Intensity Interval Training

Often done at a gym, this is a method of getting you active on numerous machines within a short period of time. This is not your boring treadmill run. Rather, you need to spend a few minutes pushing hard, harder than you thought you could and then come down to a slower level. Then, repeat.



#5 – Don’t Fall for the Diet Hype

Fad diets, including those that cut out whole food groups, do not work. They cannot give your body the nutrition it needs to keep going at its best. Eventually, these diets become too hard or lack success and people give up. The end result is putting all of that weight back on, and then some.



#6 – Eat Mostly Vegetables

At dinner, your average 8 inch plate (and it should not be larger than this) should be made up of 80 percent vegetables. A good choice is a vegetable salad filled with spinach and other brightly colored vegetables. Only a small portion should be meat.



#7 – Work on Weight Training

Lean muscle mass eats away at stored fat faster than fatty muscles. Be sure that your workout program includes at least some weight training. Otherwise, it could be an unsuccessful program for you.

Your waistline is critical to focus on. You can and should get into a smaller size pair of jeans or be able to admire your belly in the mirror once you do any of these programs and do them consistently.

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