November 18, 2009

6 Week Body Transformation Contestants 11/14/09


The November “Six Week Body Makeover Contestants”

Please take a look and choose who you think will be the winner. Go to the bottom of this page and leave your comment.


Donna Borunda, 152.5lb,  27.6 %BF    36 years old


Cindy Ricciardi, 215lb, 39.7 %BF   46 years old


Nikki Rances, 139lb  25.6 %BF   26 years old


Tanya Stephens, 155lb    28.6 %BF   34 years old


Donna Hayek, 145lb     34.8 %BF    47 years old


Shirley Vargas, 127.5lb    25.4 %BF    27 years old


Devin Swanson, 236lb    29.5 %BF    29 years old


Carolyn Pinlac, 191lb    43 %BF   39 years old


Janet Giudice, 181lb    35.6 %BF   51 years old


Michael Evans, 187lb    14.3 %BF    25 years old


Javis Landeros, 325lb    33.8 %BF   21 years old


Amy Kok, 212lb    38.1 %BF   26 years old


Monica Borges, 156lb    31.4 %BF    35 years old


Claudia Alba 146lb   28.1 %BF   37 years old


Wendy Delgado, 141lb    32.4 %BF   28 years old


Jamie Lackie, 231lb   38.6 %BF    32 years old



Aida Hood, 172lb    43.8 %BF   40 years old


Vanessa Munoz, 199lb    37.9 %BF   33 years old


Martin Guevara, 258lb    37.5 %BF    32 years old


Sophie Nicassio, 120lb    32.7 %BF    35 years old

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November 18, 2009

Tanya @ 10:59 am

I would like to say thank you for giving me a chance to prove to myself that I can lose this weight. What Im doing to lose this is working out with my trainer three days a week, cardio at least 45min everyday and eating right! I have not had a soda, no alcohol and no red meat! And, If you know me I love to drink and eat a lot of red meat! My journey has just begun with the support of my family! I will Prevail!

Dr. Saman @ 11:05 am

You Go Tanya. It’s very important to get the support of the family.

Carolyn Pinlac @ 11:01 am

Wow! Pictures don’t lie. I haven’t taken a picture in years, now I can see why. I had to make alot of changes in my life style from my eating habits, activity habits, and my environment. It is very difficult! Especially drinking water throughout the day. My first week with my trainer was cut short because I had muscle spasms in both my thighs. It’s because I was very dehydrated and lack minerals in my body. The muscle spasms lasted for 2 days. My 2nd week is going very well. I meet with my trainer Mon/Wed/Fri and his name is Steve. Every morning as soon as I wake up, I drink a full bottle of water. Mornings are tough for me, besides getting myself ready for work, I have to get both my kids ready for school and take care of the dogs so I can’t cook breakfast so I just drink a whey protein shake with a fruit. I live in San Bernardino and it take 45 minutes to get to work. As soon as I get to work, I drink another bottle of water. I’ve been eating atleast 5 meals a day but I have not been tracking any calories. Although, I’ve been eating only foods in the A+/A categories. I can feel the difference now but I still can’t see it which is fine! I appreciate all the support I’m getting at work and at home!

Dr. Saman @ 11:07 am

Good job Carolyn!!! You are going to do great. Make sure to eat every 2-3 hours no matter how busy you get.

Jaime Lackie @ 11:35 am

I feel very fortunate to be a participant in this contest. I traveled far to do this because I live in what I call a fat town, where someone at my weight fits in. We have an abundance of places to eat, and minimal places to workout. Leaving my regular environment has been beneficial to my progress. I left all sugary drinks behind, and I stick to my morning cup of coffee, and water throughout the day. Eating small frequent meals is a foreign concept for me, but I am getting accustomed to it. As Sam says on his blogs, make it a routine! I have been lifting weights with my wonderful trainer, Gina, three times a week. And, doing cardio most other days, usually workout videos and hauling my kids in the jogging stroller for a nice jog to the park. My family has been super supportive not only in keeping me on track with diet and exercise, but opening their houses up to me and my kids!

Dr. Saman @ 1:04 pm

Hey Jamie,
I know you are SUPER motivated because you have traveled hundreds of miles to participate in this contest.
You are already a winner based on your commitment.

Sherley @ 11:49 am

Hi Sam,

I love working out at Fitness Concepts with my trainer Wilson. I have been feeling Great since I started working out last week. I have been really good with my water intake and with my meals, although I have not been eating 6 times a day like you recommended. I still got to work on that. But, I have been great at working out with Wilson and doing my cardio on my own. I can’t wait to see the results after the 6th week and WIN!!!!

Dr. Saman @ 1:06 pm


You are dedicated I see you in the gym everyday for a couple hours. You are a go getter.

Sophie @ 12:36 pm

WOW pictures & cameras never lie !!! Although i dont have much weight i am trying to loose, i do have alot of body fat% i need to loose. I have been keeping to a strict diet , NO JUNK , NO SODA ! For me my biggest challenge is food, i normally dont eat more than 2 meals a day. But for this competition i have been eating at 4 meals a day. My main sources are egg whites, chicken breast , ground turkey meat, some fresh fruit. I drink lots of water !!! I get in to the gym for my workouts, along with the training i make sure to get my 45 min of cardio , i run the treadmill and each time i raise the incline , right now my incline is at 10 my goal is to go higher !!

Dr. Saman @ 1:02 pm


You are going to do so well. I can see how hard you are working at the gym.

Claudia Alba @ 3:35 pm

It is such an eye opener to see myself in the video and photos. The first thought that comes to mind is… I BETTER DO THIS! My lack of commitment to myself prior to this contest is something that I have wrestled with. One day it was good and another not so good, crash diets every week.. this contest has given me that big kick in the butt that I needed to throw the excuses out the window and just commit! I love my workouts and knowing that I have a goal. My trainer Steve is great, he works me out hard but keeps me smiling! I still can’t say that I love my cardio days but at least it’s getting done. What I do love is all the food! I’m not starving at all, on the contrary it’s been quite some getting used to all the frequent small meals, every 3 hours. I’m on the road a lot so sometimes it’s hard to eat, that’s where I throw in the protein shakes, and let’s not forget the water! Lots and lots of water! In the end, we’ll all be winners if we stick it out and put in the work. Can’t wait to see who makes it to the top! Thanks Sam for all your support!!!! I love working out at Fitness Concepts :)!

Dr. Saman @ 6:06 pm

You are definitely a hard worker. I see you early in the gym doing your thing. I also see you eat healthy at Papachino’s. You are definitely dedicated.

Vanessa @ 5:26 pm

I will win this because I have the drive and motivation to do so. I have been obese my entire life and am ready to do this. I drive to Chino 3 times a week from Glendale usually in 5pm rushhour traffic to meet with Sherwin and Maria who are awesome! I then follow with 60 min cardio. I have eliminated alcohol, juices, and milk, and sugars. I only drink water all day it seems. Eat 5 times a day on a schedule. I work out on my own 3 days a week for 60-90 min. This is no joke to me or just something to do. I have a very stressful job so its not like I have time to kill because I’m bored. This is serious to me, I’m not looking to lose 10 lbs, this is just the beginning

Dr. Saman @ 6:15 pm


You are going to be even a hotter mama than you already are. You know you look good.

Janet Giudice @ 5:54 pm

is my ass really that big!!!!!! OMG!!!! I have my work cut out for me!!

Dr. Saman @ 6:11 pm


Your A$$ is not so bad it’s your stomach……… Joking, Joking
You set yourself up for that one.

Now let’s

Cindy @ 6:00 pm

I am so excited. This contest is great !! I have really had fun changing my lifestyle. I used to be very athletic ad then the kids came, work, and guess what? I put myself last in line. Well no more!

It is really all about being healthy, feeling healthy and caring about yourself! Fitness Concepts was exactly what I needed. After working for 20 years from home, I found that I became glued to my desk, unless I was with my kids (and their sports). I worked very long hours (still do), drank coffee for breakfast, diet soda for lunch and a salad for dinner (skipping the chicken because of the calories. Yea, there were also those drive-thru diners)!!…

That is the worst thing I could have ever done.. with limited exercise, my metabolism stopped and my BMI kept increasing….

The nutrition class was the most important step. Learning to eat right, 6 times a day, and not depriving myself has worked wonders. In reality I do not feel like I am on a diet at all, I actually eat more than I ever did (but I am eating the right things). I have lots of energy and am losing weight and inches! I work out with my trainer (Maria) 3X a week, I do cardio 7 times a week and once this contest started I have pushed it into full gear, with a 45 minute walk in the morning before the sun rises – the morning walk is in addition to my normal cardio workout. Taking time out of my work day to work out has been a great way to just relax and unwind – a new hobby!

Sweating it off and loving the results!


P.S. Thanks Sam – you are awesome for doing this for us!

Dr. Saman @ 6:12 pm


I see the new more focused you in the gym.

Devin @ 7:11 pm

What a difference a healthy week can make! I already feel a full transformation; both in how I feel and view myself from the inside out and how others view me from the outside in. Thanks to the great support of my wife Elizabet, I made it though the first week in stride and welcome not only the next five weeks, but what a healthy future holds. I’m so excited to see this through to the end and see the body that awaits me at the end.
I’m sticking to the workout and cardio plan, eating right and staying full. The junk food is gone and the whole foods are in. I have a give a big thanks to my trainer Steve. We not only have a hard workout each time, but have an enjoyable time doing it.
This belly’s got to go. I turn 30 in April, and I am thankful that I will now be taking steps to a better life and NOT an early grave.
Thank you Sam and everyone at Fitness Concepts!

Dr. Saman @ 7:40 pm

I will never forget the time that you emailed me a before picture with a copy of a check made out to Fitness Concepts.
Talking about someone who is serious.

Martin G @ 7:22 pm

Wow, this has been a difficult but exciting journey. I never thought I would be working out 5x a week and especially with weights. I’ve been eating about 5-6 times a day with lots of protein, veggies and complex carbs. I’m always full and I love it! I’m gonna try to stay focused and keep going as this does not feel like a diet, but a jump start to a healthier lifestyle!

Dr. Saman @ 7:38 pm

It’s a pleasure working with you Martin.

Lisa O @ 8:07 pm

I have $100 on Vanessa!!! Okay, she’s my friend, but I commend all of you guys for having the courage to make a change in your lives. You all ROCK and keep up the hard work!! You and Sam will have a life long relationship.

Besides, how do you think he’s going to pay for Baliee to get through college?!! LoL.

Keep it up guys!

Monica @ 10:01 pm

It only been a little over a week and I love it. I have belonged to another gym for over 12 years and I would go less than a handful of times each year. I love having a personal trainer, it makes me more accountable to show up and perform, which is exactly what I needed. Hardest part for me is eating and drinking enough, I have no issues staying with the A & A+ foods but I need to get better at eating more frequently. Cant wait to see everyones transformation. This was the best $ I ever spent and more than worth it. Dr. Sam you are a great motivator.

Dr. Saman @ 10:12 pm

It’s my pleasure working with you and I love your attitude and determination. KEEP IT UP

Nikki Rances @ 10:03 pm

Sam, okay well my legs still feel like they’re gonna fall off my body and today my arms were literally talking to me…so much blood rushing into them but I feel great and see a difference already. I’m going to win this contest because I think about it first thing in the morning and last thing I think of before I go to sleep. I know that I am proving this to myself that despite the winter blues, it is still mind over matter. I was telling my boyfriend how great it is to be losing weight while the majority of people are gaining it around this time of year. WILSON kicks my butt everyday and I am so excited driving to Fitness Concepts because I know there is going to be something new and challenging that awaits me. I do cardio 5x a week and work with weights about 4x a week. Thank you SAM and thank you WILSON for you guys’s support and for all that motivation to put the cookie down and start moving.

Dr. Saman @ 10:15 pm

Nikki girl,
I am very proud of you. I know how much you LOVE chocolate and cookies. The funniest thing was the way you were walking today.
Great job!!!!!

November 19, 2009

Aida @ 9:55 am

Thank you Sam for offering this contest because it finally got me off my butt. My trainer Jeff has been really supportive and kicking my butt every week…he’s awesome! I’ve been good at eating 6-meals a day, drinking lots of water and exercise. This is a lifetime commitment for me not only to loose the weight but to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Sam and the Fitness Concepts team for all their support and great information. Congrats to everyone for working hard and committing to getting healthy……’s to everyone’s good health!

Dr. Saman @ 11:19 am

You are very welcome Aida. It’s my pleasure working with each and all of you.
Can’t wait until December 19th.

Amy Kok @ 2:10 pm

Thank you Dr. Sam for everything. This contest is definitely very motivating. I joined this program because I am a young mother and work a full time job,putting myself always last. My kids, work and husband always come first. As that still stands true, I do see the importance of eating well and exercising. I love my personal trainer, Maria Macias. She is tough but has compassion and determination. I have been so embrassed to see my old friends, family members that I haven’t seen in awhile or simply even take a picture of myself. Therefore, I am sad to say I don’t have many pictures with my family. But I’m sure this contest and program with Fitness Concepts will soon change.

Dr. Saman @ 3:39 pm

Hi Amy,
You are doing great. I see how hard you workout in the mornings.

Jim Franchino @ 2:29 pm

Its good to see you so committed. I noticed you have been at Papachino’s five times so far! Keep the Veggies, Grilled Fish and chicken coming and together it will give you the power to have great work outs lose weight too.

Mary Ann Epstein @ 3:21 pm

I going to be rooting for Janet! I know you can do it.

Donna E @ 3:22 pm

I can’t believe I let myself get into this shape! Yikes. I’m doing this mainly for my health, but I would love to win too!!

I have an awesome trainer and with Sam there to keep us all on track, I’m sure everyone will have amazing results. I plan to do what I’m told and just keep a positive and winning attitude around it. That will help with consistency and forming some great habits that will benefit my health for the rest of my life.

Thanks Sam for doing this.

meg Yacawych @ 5:03 pm

Ivote for Monica.

meg Yacawych @ 5:04 pm

I want to do it next time. Iam really getting serious here. I am ready.

Dr. Saman @ 5:15 pm

You better hurry because our next contest begins December 14th and we only have 7 spots left.

Angela @ 5:37 pm

I vote for Martin because he’s in it to win it!

Perry @ 8:13 pm

Go Jamie! With your total commitment to Sam’s winning program, you’re going to do great!!!

Mike B @ 11:01 pm


You have a definite goal. Get to that size 6. Just Win Baby! Keep your eye on the prize. Work Hard and Finish Strong.

November 20, 2009

Ali Salamat @ 5:16 am

I picked Jamie az # 1
Venessa az # 2
Thank you,
Ali Salamat,

Ali Salamat @ 5:18 am

Jamie Lackie # 1
Venessa # 2
Ali Salamat,

Dr. Saman @ 6:10 am

Thank you very much for your input Mr. Salamat. Did I ever tell you that your daughter Shahla is the best.
Everyone that knows her loves her.

Shahla Salamat @ 8:01 am

I am rooting for a changed lifestyle for all awesome contestants that took the bold step out of the box to enter this exciting contest……..but since I know Janet personally and glad to call her my friend……….I must root for her and support her!!! I think she can do it!! P.S. Janet is also an AWESOME dedicated Realtor……….so u know if she is committed to all things not just her health!!! Call her for all your Real Estate Needs!!

I am Rooting for Janet!!! Go Janet GO!!

(Ahhhhh thank you!!!!!!! You guys are the best!!!)

Jim Wray @ 11:24 am

I may making my vote for Javis Landeros. He and I share about the same attributes physically and would love to see you take it to the top Javis. Good Luck man!

Janice @ 1:01 pm

I vote for Carolyn. We all need someone in our corner. Go Carolyn. Keep up the good start!

November 23, 2009

Carolyn Pinlac @ 11:50 am

Thank you, Janice!!! I need all the support I can get!! I feel wonderful but achy. My trainer Steve is awesome!

December 13, 2009

Donna @ 2:52 pm

Okay I just re-looked at my before picture to give me the extra push for our last week in this contest. Sam ~ THANK YOU for this contest! It was just what I needed to jump start a healthier lifestyle and body. It has been a long time coming and the moment I saw the email to do it ~ I said I AM GOING TO DO THIS and give it 100%. I can’t wait to see everyone next Saturday at the party. This has been a kick-butt, hard yet fun rewarding challenge! Maria, my trainer, has been amazing and supportive! So have YOU Sam and Adrian too! And guess what? I just signed up to do a 1/2 marathon in Huntington Beach in February! 8 weeks to prep for that and no doubt this contest helped a lot! Thanks again!

Dr. Saman @ 3:53 pm


You are looking great. I can’t wait to see the difference you have made. You always had a positive attitude
and a great spirit. You and Al are like family. Thank you for your great ENERGY.

December 17, 2009

Donna Borunda @ 11:44 pm

Donna has lost the most weight in lbs so I believe she is the winner. Her body also has been transformed from when she started. Go Donna, good job!