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August 3, 2010

3 Scenarios – Who Burns More Fat?

3 Scenarios – Who Burns More Fat?

Guest Blog by Joel Marion

I twisted my bud Joel Marion’s wrist to drop some knowledge for my subscribers. For those of you who don’t know who Joel is he is one of the top experts in the WORLD when it comes to fat loss. He is also the author of the best selling book “Cheat to Lose”.

I was hanging out with Joel recently at an industry event in Orlando Florida. I personally witnessed him eating M&M’s, ice cream, cookies, etc…..

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He has truly figured how to cheat and lose weight. Unbelievable.


The Champion of the Body-for Life Contest and Author of Cheat to Lose Diet…Click here to Check it Out!


There are several different ways to create a 300 calorie deficit:

* Skip the morning bagel (-300 calories)
* Walk on the treadmill for an hour and half (-300 calories)
* Perform a very high intensity interval session (-300 calories)

In all 3 instances, the net calorie burn is -300 cals; however, as mentioned in the previous post,

scenario 1 sucks

scenario 2 really sucks

scenario 3 trumps them all-by far

And today I want to share 3 other “scenarios” with you, with yet another lesson to be learned.


Out of the below 3 individuals, who will burn more fat and achieve better, faster results?

Scenario #1 – Subject A

* Basal Metabolic Rate of 2,000 calories
* No additional calories burned per day through exercise
* Total calories burned: 2,000
* Dietary intake: 1,300
* Deficit: -700 calories

Scenario #1 – Subject B

* Basal Metabolic Rate of 2,000 calories
* Additional 200 calories burned per day through exercise
* Total calories burned: 2,200
* Dietary intake: 1,500
* Deficit: -700 calories

Scenario #1 – Subject C

* Basal Metabolic Rate of 2,000 calories
* Additional 600 calories burned per day through exercise
* Total calories burned: 2,600
* Dietary intake: 1,900
* Deficit: -700 calories

Paying careful attention to the 3 scenarios above, you see that Subject A, Subject B, and Subject C all have a Basal Metabolic Rate of 2,000 calories, and all subjects are creating a -700 caloric deficit daily.

Who will be more successful?

If fat loss were simply a mathematical phenomenon, then all three subjects would have equal success and would experience the same exact fat loss.

But, just in case you didn’t already know, there’s MUCH more to fat loss than just the numbers.


Fat loss, by and large, is largely hormonal (yes, I’m aware, that was redundant).

Indeed, a caloric deficit must be in place for fat loss to occur, but not all deficits are “equal”.

Subject A, while still being negative 700 calories, is creating a hormonal environment in the body resistance to fat loss.

Subject B is slightly better, but still far from optimal.

Subject C is the clear winner here.

Although Subject C is creating the same exact numerical -700 calorie deficit, this individual will without a doubt experience greater fat loss and overall results.



When you decrease calorie intake, the body’s anti-starvation mechanisms are alerted and it creates a hormonal environment conducive to fat storage.

So, 1) if you need to create a calorie deficit to burn fat,

but 2) you DON’T want to drastically reduce calorie intake for the reasons mentioned, what are your options?

It’s called G-flux, or energy flux.

Eat more.       Exercise more.      Lose more.

It really is THAT simple.

Simply put, the more calories you burn through exercise (versus a dietary caloric deficit), the greater your fat loss results will be.

Every.                  Single.                       Time.

Fat burning enzymes will be elevated, the body will remain happy from a nutritional stanpoint, and let’s face it, eating an additional 600 calories per day is a lot more livable from a psychological standpoint than attempting to create a large caloric deficit through diet alone.

My challenge to you:

Starting this week, on top of what you are already currently doing, add an additional 300 calories to your daily diet, and strive to burn an additional 300 calories via exercise.

Watch what happens.


You’ll be surprised.

Or maybe now that you’re “in the know”, you won’t be.

Questions?         Comments?                 Respond below.


Click Here to Check Out Joel's Site

I’ll be checking in throughout the day and responding below, so bring on the discussion!

Talk to you in the comments section below.


Click her to check out what Joel has!!

Click her to check out what Joel has!!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what’s your favorite cheat food.


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August 4, 2010

Georgette Baker @ 3:58 pm

97%t free popcorn! 🙂

Dr. Saman @ 4:01 pm

Be good Georgette

Nick @ 6:01 pm

Hey Sam, one thing to mention is eat good calories.

Even though you can eat more as long as you work out more, eating “empty calories” wont give you the energy to get up and go to the gym. I’ve done this, so I know.

I learned how to eat and and take care of myself though your 3 month program last summer. I feel like I’m really in control of myself.

August 5, 2010

Dr. Saman @ 3:14 am

That’s right Nick. Preach on my brotha. I am so proud of you for saying that. Great job

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