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May 11, 2010

3 Reasons YOU Want Muscle

3 Reasons YOU Want Muscle


It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, 22 or 62, attempting to lose fat or “get buff”, you WANT muscle.

In fact, we’ll venture to say that virtually everyone wants muscle (whether they know it or not), and here’s why:

1.  Building Muscle = Faster Fat Loss

Even if you’re primary goal is fat loss, you’d be extremely wise to build specific periods of time in to your training schedule in which you primarily concentrate on building muscle.


Muscle is metabolically expensive.

You see, for every pound of muscle you manage to add to your frame, you’ll burn an additional 40-50 cals per day.

So, let’s say you gain 10 lbs; that means your body now REQUIRES 400-500 more calories to simply maintain its weight, posing several benefits:

  • You get to eat the same amount and lose fat faster OR
  • You get to eat more and lose fat just as quickly

Either way you look at it, that’s a pretty solid deal, only possible through the addition of calorie-burning lean muscle.

2.  Building Muscle = Easier Weight Maintenance


Let’s say you lose 30 lbs, which is awesome, but you fail to put on any appreciable amount muscle, or even worse, you lose muscle mass in the process (which is extremely common).

In either case, metabolism will in fact be slower after you’ve lost the 30 lbs than it was when you first started your fat loss journey…NOT what you want if your goal is to actually keep the weight off.

With the addition of lean muscle mass, your metabolism won’t be slower, it will be faster, making maintaining your new body incredibly easy.

Muscle is the difference between losing 30 lbs once and for all, and struggling to losing 30 lbs over and over and over again for the rest of your life.

Wouldn’t you love to just lose the weight once and never have to worry about “gaining it back”…again?

3.  Building Muscle = A Hotter, Sexier Body


Being thin is one thing, being hot is another.  And the latter is something only lean muscle can provide.

I think we’d all agree that while being thin is certainly better than being fat, what we truly want our bodies to look like goes far beyond simply being skinny.

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May 14, 2010

Ali Salamat @ 7:57 am

Hello Doctor,when I graduated from High School ,I was 160 pound,now 45 year later,I am 195 pound,slowly but surly ,I like to loose 35 pound ,last 5 months I lost 12 pound.I would like to loose 10 pound,by end of this year,.Thank you Doctor,….
Ali Salamat,

April 4, 2011

lee@how to lose man boobs @ 11:03 am

I think it is important just to note that if you are working out on the weights while trying to lose fat (which you should be for all the reasons mentioned above in this post) then don’t rely on the scales alone.

You should take measurements or even better buy a bodyfat % calculator or fat calliper.

Reason is you may put muscle weight on but lose fat making weight an inaccurate reading for measuring fat loss.

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