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June 8, 2009

Our 2nd Biggest Loser Contest 2009

Our 2nd Annual Chino’s Biggest Loser Event was AMAZING and a huge success because of you all of you!!  Over 140 people entered our event….and it inched down to TEN finalist.

1st Place John Hayen     LOST 79.4 POUNDS

1st place winner John Hayen

1st Place Winner John Hayen



2nd Place       Rosemarie Roman     LOST 54 POUNDS


3rd Place Winner Raquel Alameyer

3rd Place Winner Rosemarie Roman


3rd Place       Roquel Alameyer     LOST 38.5 POUNDS


3rd Place Winner Roquel Alameyer

3rd Place Winner Roquel Alameyer


4th Place Adrian Rodriguez       LOST 41 POUNDS


4th Place Winner Adrian Rodriguez

4th Place Winner Adrian Rodriguez



5th Place     Tammy Jones      LOST 30.5 POUNDS


9th Place Winner Tammy Jones

9th Place Winner Tammy Jones



6th Place          Bill Wuertz    LOST 45 POUNDS


6th Place Winner Bill Wuertz

6th Place Winner Bill Wuertz



7th Place       Ronny Zavosky       LOST 29.5 POUNDS


7th Place Winner Ronny Zavosky

7th Place Winner Ronny Zavosky



8th Place       Alex Flores   LOST 24.5 POUNDS


8th Place Winner Alex Flores

8th Place Winner Alex Flores



9th Place        Mark Coday       LOST 31.5 POUNDS

9th Place Winner Mark Coday

9th Place Winner Mark Coday



10th Place Judy Gonzalez    LOST 16.5 POUNDS


1oth Place Winner Judy Gonzalez

1oth Place Winner Judy Gonzalez


Our 2nd Annual Biggest Loser Event was yet another huge success!!

We are so thankful to have so many awesome people in our Community!!!

It is only because of all of you that made our event a success!!

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June 9, 2009

Kathleen Miyashita @ 4:26 am

I am a new member of Fitness Concepts and have started to meet with a trainer. For someone like myself who has never belonged to a gym, I have felt from just meeting with Sam Bakhtiar, that I am in the right place. Watching Chino’s Biggest Looser testimonials are very inspiring and has given me hope in this new journey of mine.

Sam Bakthiar @ 5:36 pm

You are going to transform. You have the right attitude for success. We appreciate and love working with you.

Laing Stevens @ 8:32 am

Hey…I would have come in 10th place! Oh wel…Got into this for my health. I have enough competition in my life. Had a great time at the “event” …glad it went well.

Sam Bakthiar @ 5:39 pm

Coach Stevens,
Thank you very much for supporting the event. It was nice to hang out with everyone.
We appreciate you and I am waiting for you to do a guest blog coach.

Rosemarie Roman @ 8:48 am

Would like to “Thank You Sam” for giving us the opportunity to improve our health and self image. Your constant communication of nutrition and fitness kept me focused and encouraged me to stay on the path of success!
When I began this journey, my trainer Lillian said she was trained by the BEST. She was right! “Sam, You Are The Best” Fitness Concepts cares and can help anyone!
Rosemarie Roman
2nd. Place Winner!

Sam Bakthiar @ 5:41 pm

What can I say Rosemarie. You are my hero. I have sooo much respect for you.
Keep up the excellent work and you are an inspiration. Please call me to make an
appointment so that I can give you your Prize of $500.00.
Also I would love to interview you for my clients. You are truly an inspiration.

Elidia Camacho @ 11:47 am


You and your team are a great motivation!! I can’t wait to be next! My goal is 35 pds more and with Lisa I know I can ACHIEVE!!


Sam Bakthiar @ 5:42 pm


You will, you will. With the right attitude and the right people in your corner
you will achieve your goals. I GUARANTEE IT.

June 13, 2009

Lisa Oropeza @ 4:24 pm

I just started at Fitness Concepts and its by fate that on my random internet search for personal trainers, that I came across Sam’s company. I could have selected anyone to go to, but I do believe a higher being brought me to where I needed to be. Its such a great atmosphere and motivating. My trainer Cris is awesome and I’m changing my eating habits.

Here’s to an inspiring year!

June 19, 2009

eileen lira @ 1:11 pm

I lost about 14 pounds but didn’t make the party because i will only weigh in in the morning and to wait till 4 p.m was brutal, I know all us dieters feel the same way it was a contest but i was thirsty lol hpefuley i will not need the contest next year. but i am so happy I lost 14 so much better than gaining. peace

Dr. Saman @ 6:23 pm

We are proud of you Eileen. Keep it up

March 3, 2010

Jonas Deffes @ 6:54 am sure do know how to bring Value to people and a kick butt program!

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