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May 2013

May 31, 2013

Why Cardio IS Making You FAT

Sup AFF (Awesome Fitness Family),

In the last 2 emails, I told you the TRUTH about how to build the body you want.


This time I’m going to give you another pearl of wisdom:




Here’s why:

Low Intensity cardio like jogging or the elliptical makes your blunts the receptors for muscle building. So, you are stopping your body from building muscle.


Here’s another reason:

Low Intensity cardio uses muscle to fuel the exercises a lot of time. So, you not only are stopping your body from making new muscle, but you are actually BURNING YOUR CURRENT MUSCLE. Think about your butt shrinking from cardio.


Cardio also teaches your body to become more efficient at burning calories. This means that each time you get “better” at doing cardio, you are basically teaching your body to do more with less, meaning you BURN EVEN FEWER CALORIES, making it even less effective.



We talk so much about building muscle. Cardio hurts that in another way too.

Too much cardio actually teaches your body to build a fatigue resistant type of muscle that is better at cardio, AND THOSE BABIES DON’T GROW. FORGET ABOUT YOUR TONED CALVES AND BUTT. Cardio is SHRINKING them. IF you don’t believe me, look at Olympic Marathon runners – the ultimate endurance muscle – not toned.


In the long run, you are going to decrease your metabolism and decrease your ability to burn fat because you are eating muscle for cardio breakfast and not re-building it after you do.

Less muscle = Less calories burned

So you want to get that low body fat?

Build that muscle, and watch it melt that fat off for you WHILE YOU REST!


PS – Next time I’m gonna show you the dirty about what exercises to do to build that AWESOME FEMININE MUSCLE.


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May 29, 2013

Top Core Moves To Include In Your Workout Program Plan


This is easily one of the most popular goals that most people have as they go about their program plan, yet one that very few ever seem to accomplish.

So what can you do to up your chances of success? How can you ensure you are going to be getting leaner as time goes on?

Performing the right exercises is a start.

Let’s look at the top core moves that you should consider adding to your workout approach.

Lying Leg Raises


Lying leg raises are great because they will require you to maintain the utmost of core stabilization as you perform them while also targeting the lower abdominal muscles incredibly well.

Most exercises tend to miss the lower abs and put more stress on the top component of the ‘six pack’, but lying leg raises especially hits those lower abs without a problem.

Decline Sit-Up With A Twist


Next, consider a decline sit-up with a twist. This exercise is especially beneficial for those who want to work on the side abdominal muscles as the obliques will be called to play with each and every contraction you make.

Make sure while doing these that you are focusing on contracting up through the stomach muscles rather than using momentum to do the work for you.


Medicine Ball Pass

Finally, the last good core exercise that you’ll want to add to the program plan is the medicine ball pass. This exercise requires the use of a partner, but the payoff will be great from doing it.

What you’ll do is stand in an upright position holding a medicine ball in front of the body. From there, twist to one side of the body and pass the ball to your partner, who performs the same action.

Have them then twist to their other side, as they pass it back to you.

Continue on this movement pattern until you have successfully done 10 passes and then reverse directions to work the opposite side of the body.

Make sure while doing this that you keep the stomach flexed the entire time and the back in an upright position.

So there you have some of the top core exercises that you should be including as part of your overall workout program. If you can do these towards the end of the session two to three times per week, you will see great gains in strength occurring.

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May 28, 2013

Tasty Ways To Eat Tuna


While there’s no denying the fact that canned tuna typically isn’t exactly the most tasty form of protein you could eat, if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you can make it far more enjoyable.

Let’s look at a few of the top ways to serve up this protein source to help you actually look forward to getting it into your diet plan.

Serve It With Salsa


If speed is what you’re looking for, simply mix your tuna together with some salsa and serve with some vegetables on the side (or a carb source if you prefer).

Salsa will liven up the protein source in a hurry and will provide hardly any calories to your overall diet plan. Plus, salsa is also loaded with antioxidants as well, so it’s really a win-win addition to your diet plan.


Mix It With Low-Sodium Canned Soup

tuna mushroom

Moving along, another quick and easy way to add more taste to canned tuna is to mix it with some lower sodium canned soup.

Canned tomato soup or even lower fat canned mushroom soup can taste great and make it easier to get down.

Prepare half the can of soup with half the liquid called for to create a thicker sauce and then stir this into your tuna.

Serve the tuna over some brown rice or whole wheat pasta for an energy dense meal before a hard workout.

Create Creamy Tuna Salad


Finally, the last way to serve tuna that most people will enjoy is as a tuna salad. Combine some tuna low-fat mayonnaise and a few finely diced pieces of avocado for extra creaminess and healthy fats, and then serve that in a whole wheat pita, whole wheat soft tortilla shell, or in any other manner you prefer.

This will make for a very well-balanced, complete meal.

So there you have the best ways to add more flavor to tuna and get it down. At 30 grams per can and at a reasonable price, it’s not a protein source you want to be overlooking.

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May 27, 2013

Three Killer Bicep Moves You Should Do For Stronger Arms


Whatever the case, training the biceps is something that most people do want to devote a good amount of time and attention to and as such, seek out the best methods to work these muscle groups.

As you go about this however, it’s important to note that not all bicep building exercises are created the same. While your first instinct may be to perform three different bicep isolation exercises as part of your routine, this isn’t actually the most ideal way to structure things.

Instead, turn to two compound movements that have a greater bicep focus along with one isolation movement. Since you can lift more weight with compound movements, you’ll get faster progress by using them most of the time.

Here are the exercises to do.

Bent Over Reverse Grip Rows


The first good exercise to perform that will not only hit the biceps, but the back muscles as well is the bent over row. But, rather than doing a standard bent over row, do one with the hands in the reverse grip position.

This is going to place more direct emphasis on the bicep muscles, while still allowing you to lift a heavier amount of weight.

Close Grip Pull-Ups


Next, close grip pull-ups are another good exercise for hitting the bicep muscles and really working the arms to their full capacity.

Pull-ups are a very challenging movement so if you’re a female you may need to get some support while doing this exercise, but do try and get at least a few reps in.

Work your way up to completing more and more reps as time goes on and you make strength gain progress.


Barbell Curls


Finally, last you have your isolation exercise. You’ll want to make sure that you are performing one isolation exercise to really fatigue out the bicep muscles in particular.

Barbell curls are a great selection and will help you lift a maximum amount of weight.  Dumbbell curls can also be a great alternative and can help to prevent strength imbalances from developing.

Either way, add these towards the end of the workout for best results.

So there you have the three best bicep exercises to consider getting into your program plan. If you can do these two to three times per week, you will be well on your way to a great looking upper body.

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