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July 2012

July 29, 2012

The Three Must-Haves To Build Lean Muscle Mass

If you’re someone who’s looking to help build more lean muscle mass on your frame and take your body to the next level, it’s important that you learn the essential things that you need to have in place in order to see success happen.

Many people often set the goal to build muscle and fill out their frame but don’t achieve success simply because they are overlooking one of the vital elements that they need to be getting.

While you can have the best workout program in the world, if you aren’t following through with the other two components, it’s going to do you little good.

Let’s walk you through the three main components that you must keep in mind right now as you work towards building lean muscle mass.

If any one of these is missing in your approach, it’s time to make a few quick adjustments to get it in so that you can see the results that you deserve.


The Three Must-Haves To Build Lean Muscle Mass on, Chino Hills Boot Camp, Chino Hills Personal Trainer, Chino Hills Weight Loss

The very first ‘must-have’ that needs to be in place is an overloading stimulus.  If you aren’t placing enough stress on the muscle tissue, you aren’t going to be providing it with a reason to grow stronger and larger – it’s really that simple.

Those who make sure that they overload their muscles with a heavier weight, more reps, higher numbers of sets, or exercises that the body isn’t used to are always going to see superior results compared to those who don’t.

Something must be constantly changing in your workout program if you want to continually see progress onwards.


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July 22, 2012

Three Great Beverages To Help You Stay Hydrated

As you work towards your health and fitness goals, one thing that you must make sure you’re doing is taking steps to stay well hydrated.  Many people are fast to look at what they’re doing from the diet side of things, making sure to take in an even mix of proteins, carbs, and fats while consuming the proper calorie intake to reach their body weight preferences, but very few stop to consider the importance of good hydration.

If you aren’t staying well hydrated, you’re going to see some seriously devastating effects on your progress.  Dehydration can cause your energy levels to tank, your metabolism to slow, your concentration to falter, and leave you hungrier than you’ve felt before.

That said, not all beverages are created equally. If you want to reach your fat loss goals in record time, you need to choose wisely.

Let’s give you a quick run-down of the best beverage options that you should be considering.

Three Great Beverages To Help You Stay Hydrated on, Chino Hills Boot Camp, Chino Hills Personal Trainer, Chino Hills Weight LossTopping the list of great beverage choices is water.  Nothing is going to cleanse the body and offer fast hydration benefits like water does.

Best of all, water is completely calorie free so will not put a dent in your daily calorie intake.  You should ideally be aiming to take in at least eight glasses of water each day, more if you’re exercising heavily.

If you find yourself struggling to get in enough, then try adding a slice of lemon or lime.  This will help add an instant burst of flavour without adding any extra calories.


Three Great Beverages To Help You Stay Hydrated on, Chino Hills Boot Camp, Chino Hills Personal Trainer, Chino Hills Weight LossMoving along, another great beverage choice to consider as you go about your diet is Green tea.  Green tea offers a number of powerful fat loss and health benefits so is definitely a must-have in your diet plan.

The first main benefit of Green tea is the fact that it contains a high amount of antioxidants.  These will help to fend off free radical damage in the body and help you stay free from disease.

In addition to this, drinking Green tea can also help to enhance your metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories at rest all day long.  Those who have higher basal metabolic rates are always going to have a much easier time with fat loss due to the fact that they are burning more calories 24/7.

Finally, green tea is also a great appetite suppressor.  If you often find that hunger gets the best of you and that’s why you’re falling off your diet plan, Green tea can help.  The hot liquid will fill you up and solve your hunger woes in a hurry.


Three Great Beverages To Help You Stay Hydrated on, Chino Hills Boot Camp, Chino Hills Personal Trainer, Chino Hills Weight LossFinally, the last beverage to consider is skim milk.  While skim milk will contain 90 calories per cup, studies have demonstrated that those who do consume dairy as part of their diet show higher rates of abdominal fat loss.

What’s more is that this beverage will provide the much needed protein that many people are falling short in.

So pour yourself a tall glass and feel good about it.

Next time you feel thirsty, make sure that you’re choosing any of the above three options rather than some high calorie, sugar-laden beverage you picked up from the local coffee shop, smoothie bar, or vending machine.

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July 19, 2012




TRICK # 26. Your “glove box arsenal”.

Always keep a few low carb protein bars in your car’s glove box or console for those times when you’re driving around and get hungry.

This muscle-feeding, fat-burning option is much better than whipping into the drive in of the next fast food joint you see up ahead.

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TRICK #78: Step on the scale every morning.

The point isn’t to make you obsessive but studies have shown that those who weigh themselves daily lose more weight.

If the scale reveals that you’ve lost a little weight, it will be a great motivator that your hard work is paying off.

If it shows that you’ve gained a little weight, then it allows you to quickly adjust your upcoming day to be more vigilant in what you eat and make sure you get your exercise in to get back on track.

Just be sure to weigh yourself first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast and preferably after you’ve used the bathroom so you’re as consistent as possible.


Once you’ve decided to lose weight, it can be difficult to determine where exactly you should get started.

What I always tell my clients is that the best place to start is with your “motivational why”.

In other words, what was it that FINALLY made you decide that this was the time to drop the weight?

Only you can answer that question, but it’s the most important one.

Your answer is what you’ll turn to when times get tough.

If it was a bad doctor’s report, print out your prognosis and put it on your refrigerator as a reminder of why it’s not stocked with pudding.

If it’s because you realize that if you don’t lose weight, you may not live long enough to see your kids get married and have their own children…put THEIR picture on your desk at work and look at their smiling faces when someone comes around offering donuts.

This will serve you well during even the hardest times.

Now it’s important to point out that as you begin, understand that everybody is different.

You’re not going to find another person who has the same metabolism as you or who burns fat the same way as you.

You may weigh exactly the same as a person next to you, but if you both were to start an exercise and diet program you both might not have the same results two weeks or even a month later, even if you did everything the same exact way each day.

In saying this, it’s important to realize that not everybody utilizes food in the same way either.

What may cause one person to gain a pound may not do the same to another.

The same is true in losing weight.

If you’re a married woman and you and your husband are working out together and let’s say he gives up soda and loses five pounds but you don’t lose one pound.

That shows you that you and your husband are not necessarily going to see the same results, even if you’re eating and exercising in the exact same way.

The bottom line is that today’s society has to work a lot harder than societies of the past.

Sixty years ago women and men were thin because they had to work.

Manual labor was a requirement or you wouldn’t be able to eat.

You had to go gather eggs from the hen house if you want eggs, you had to go milk the cows for fresh milk and you had to plow the fields to grow your vegetables.

That’s the way life was back then and technology has taken away all of this manual work.

Now we can simply throw a plastic tray in a microwave and within 3.5 minutes, we have a 1,000 calorie, greasy, salty, hip expander sitting on our lap as we zone out in front of the television.

You know it’s time to make some changes, but in fact, “getting started” is usually the easy part for people.

They go shopping, get some workout clothes, buy some running shoes and maybe a gym membership.

Then, they go and workout pretty steadily for a week or two.

But it’s CONSISTENCY that becomes the problem and consistency is the most important aspect of any weight loss program.

You have your “motivational why”…but now you need to steadily work towards that goal in order to achieve it.

Unfortunately as people progress after a few weeks, they find it harder to keep up their routine.

Their lives become more demanding and they begin to go to the gym less and less until eventually they just give up and stop going.

So here are some great tips for staying motivated and on track with your weight loss program…

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