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October 2009

October 29, 2009

4 Halloween Treats You Must Avoid!!!



During Halloween, there are lots of fun treats!! High fat high empty calories and unnecessary sugars!!

Halloween marks the beginning of a two-month season packed with parties and desserts.  Now that’s the scary!


Halloween treats are big on calories. Look out for these  high-cal Halloween treats.  Calories add on FAST!!

Pumpkin Flavored Baked Goods

Pumpkin itself is a healthful food. Plain pumpkin puree contains a dose of vitamin A and fiber for a small amount of calories. But pair it with sugar, cream cheese frosting, shortening and butter and you’ve got a high-cal treat dressed in a healthy-looking orange outfit. Restaurants and coffee shops are the biggest villains, promoting their pumpkin scones, muffins, donuts and breads, which can contain up to 630 calories per serving.

TRICK: You can bake your own pumpkin treats using less sugar and fat, plus whole-grain goodness. Use a mini muffin tin to help with keep your portions in check and steer clear of these traditional seasonal baked goods!


Food Item Calories Fat Sugars


Hot Seasonal Beverages


Sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than sipping a hot drink on a crisp fall day. Many coffee joints offer special seasonal beverages during the holidays. While plain coffee is low-cal, seasonal lattes and drinks contain a lot of sugar, and most boast a heavy dose of cream, too. A medium pumpkin spice latte with whole milk is 410 calories at Starbucks, and its competitors don’t do much better. As liquid calories do not aid in fullness or satiety, these calories probably are not worth it!


TRICK: Order a small beverage (if you must) and lighten the load by requesting fat free milk and holding any whipped topping. Freshly brewed chai tea can be a great alternative that is virtually calorie-free, but look out for blended drinks that are ready to serve; they often contain cream, syrups and lots of added sugar. Many coffeehouses use a sugar syrup as the base for their chai; ask that yours be made with real tea and no added sugar. Request hot water and a teabag of chai tea (black tea with spices) with some low-fat milk on the side. Watch out for these high-cal hot beverages!


Food Item Calories Fat


Caramel Apple Anything


Yes, it’s obvious. If you cover a healthy fruit with sugar, it becomes a less healthy choice. Simple caramel apples seem innocent, but they can pack 300 calories onto that little wooden stick. Pop extra sprinkles, candies or nuts onto the outside of the apple and it’ll amp the calorie level even further. It’s also good practice to avoid caramel apple desserts and baked goods from most restaurants. Most don’t even contain a single serving of fruit and more than their fair share of calories and fat (see chart below).

TRICK: Enjoy your apples by cutting them into wedges and dipping them into low fat caramel dip, fat free vanilla yogurt or peanut butter. The following high-cal treats are far from healthy.


Food Item Calories Fat


Chocolate Fun Size Candies


At an average of about 100 calories a pop, these popular fun-size treats can really add up! Sure they’re smaller than a full size bar and offer built-in portion control, but how often do you stop after just one? It’s far too easy to eat four of five “little” candies, thinking you’re not doing much damage, but that can easily add up to 400 or 500 calories in a matter of minutes. The bars that hide the most calories are those that contain peanut butter, coconut, chocolate, caramel, and nuts.


TRICK: Start reading fun-size labels before throwing out the package so that you’re not eating blindly; these calories do count. Figure out the best choice for you and stick with that particular treat. Fun-size peppermint patties and Twizzlers have about half of the calories of the average chocolate bar but keep in mind these can still add up! Here are 11 fun-size treats that all contain 100 calories or fewer.

Please remember to think before you bite!!


It may look “healthful”  because apple or pumpkin is in the name but monitor your intake of these tiny-size treats. It  easily adds up to BIG numbers of calories. Think about what these seasonal treats are doing for your body and put your label reading skills to work and stay in control of your choices.

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October 22, 2009



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October 19, 2009

Binge Eating

Binge eating disorder is characterized by compulsive overeating in which people consume huge amounts of food while feeling out of control and powerless to stop.


A binge eating episode can last an hour or more, or happen periodically throughout the day.

sitting on a diet

Binge eaters are not eating because they are hungry, they are eating as a reaction to an emotional issue. This is why binge eating is tied to emotional overeating.


The key features of binge eating disorder are:

* Frequent episodes of uncontrollable binge eating
* Feeling extremely distressed or upset during or after binging
* No regular attempts to “make up” for the binges through vomiting, fasting, or over-exercising.


People with binge eating disorder struggle with feelings of guilt, disgust, and depression. They worry about what the compulsive eating will do to their bodies, especially the weight gain, and beat themselves up for their lack of self-control. They feel as if they can’t stop and don’t think it’s a serious enough problem to get help.


According to the National Institutes of Health, two percent of all U.S. adults suffer from compulsive overeating-making binge eating disorder more common than bulimia or anorexia. Unlike other eating disorders, which primarily occur in women, binge eating disorder also affects a significant number of men.


Though emotional eating and binge eating are related, they are very different. A binge eater may eat because the food is there and they have no control to stop eating it. An emotional eater reacts from an emotion they are having.


If a binge eater happens upon a box of donuts in the break-room, they can react by eating several in one sitting for no apparent reason other than the fact they see the food there. An emotional eater would react to the food only if an emotion leads them to feel the donuts will numb their feelings.


To determine if binge eating is the cause for weight gain, examine the emotional reasons for it. Processing these emotions are hard and takes time, but there are some good techniques that can help you modify behavior and combat binge eating while working on the underlying issues. Here are a few:


Stay clear of binge foods. Don’t buy or let into the house anything that triggers a binge– whether it’s cookies, chips, pretzels, cheese, or ice cream. If it’s not there, it won’t be there for a binge. Avoiding binge foods at work and other social situations may take some patience, but if that includes avoiding break-room goodies and missing out of social events, do whatever it takes to protect your health.


Decorate the fridge with images that motivate you. Clip pictures of fit bodies from your favorite magazines and keep them right where you can see them before you grab some food. Even having a picture of your fit self (or unfit self to stay motivated) will keep you from binging on some of your favorite foods.


Call a friend. Instead of grabbing that bag of chips (which should not even be in the house) reach for the phone a call a friend. Distract yourself with lively conversation. If you really want the chips, pour out a couple and put the bag in a location where they can not be ready seen.beating-af

Grab your journal. Write about all the good things you have been doing for your health lately. Write about all the positive comments others have given you. Jot down notes on what you can do better with adjusting to a new healthy lifestyle. Draw pictures! Anything that gets the mind off eating saves inches off the waist.


Go pamper yourself. Do something positive versus destructive. Paint your toenails, take a bubble bath, get a massage or facial, Go to the gym and burn up a sweat. There are many places to go and healthy activities to take part in can lead you away from the temptation of food.


It takes time to break a bad habit. The weight did not appear over night and it won‘t disappear that way either. Each day is a new learning experience, so there are no slip-ups, back-slides, falling off the wagon, or do-overs. If you do have a binge, don’t beat yourself up about it, pick yourself up, and work even harder to finish the day strong.

Dr. Saman Bakhtiar Montclair personal trainer and Gym owner always taking a personal interest in each client!

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October 14, 2009

Cheaters Will Get Punk’d



From various research on the web we have come to conclude that the beer with the lowest

calories is 64 calories per 12 oz

and highest

calories is 210 calories per 12 oz

Here at Fitness Concepts we neither promote nor discourage alcohol consumption.

We believe each person must behave responsibly.

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