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July 2009

July 9, 2009

Glenn & Yvonne Holmes

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Husband and wife team motivate, inspire and bounce off each other to stay fit.

What an AWESOME team!!

Glenn Holmes discusses his amazing health improvements since working out and eating right.

Yvonne talks about how her hubby has motivated her to work out and how it has helped her fibromyalgia.

Dr. Saman Bakhtiar is a Chino Hills Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor.   If you know of anyone looking for personal training in Chino Hills send them to Fitness Concepts.  We will take good care of them!

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July 6, 2009

Magic Potion II (yes he drinks it….this time!!)

Okay drum roll please  😉 The ingredient list you have been waiting for:

One TBS Regular Colon Cleanse

One TBS Vita Mineral Green

One Scoop Goji Splash (gives it a ton of anti-oxidents and a delicious flavor)

One TBS of of Udos Oil

Approximately 4-6 oz of water

Now that was the Old School way….My buddy Tom at Nutrishop (Super cool dude who knows his s*** when it comes to supplementation) also showed me this New school way where everything is already mixed. It is great when you are on the go! So stop by and see Tom and ask him about NU-TEK nature’s greens and fruits.

The Brand is NU-TEK Nature’s Green’s and Nature’s Fruits.



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July 1, 2009

Alex Flores Smiles

Our very own Fitness Concepts Client, Alex Flores with her awesome smile, tells us about how she made it into the top ten finalist for our 2nd Annual Biggest Loser Contest.

Wow, since last February when she started with us she has lost 60 pounds.

A year and a half later she is still maintaining her weight and included in that 60 pounds is the 24.5 pounds that she lost since the beginning of the contest in January.

You go girl!!

It is awesome and exciting to be part of everyone’s life and to see how happy and great they feel….thank you for being a part of my vision….

Always Remember:

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Must Begin With a Single Step

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