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January 2009

January 28, 2009

Jay McGuire Chino Hills’s Finest(Explicit Language)

Typically, I do not like putting people on blast BUT I just have to this time! This subject is driving me crazy and I would like everyone’s opinion, so please feel free to comment.

For the people who do not know much about sports, Mark Mcgwire is a famous baseball player; and Jay McGwire, his brother, has tried various sports and never got too far. Jay had a personal training facility located in Chino Hills, which went out of business about a year ago.

(For the record, I never had a problem with Jay even though we were so called “competitors”. Jay and I always had respect for each other. Hell, I even worked out in his gym a few times!)

I started thinking, “I cannot believe what I am reading. God please do not tell me that this is happening. We live in the United States of America, the richest and most advanced country in the world. Not to mention, we live in a country where opportunities exist everywhere. But, I guess if you cannot make it here then you can sell your brother out or file a fraudulent law suite.”

What I am referring to is Jay Mcgwire’s attack on his own flesh and blood, Mark Mcguire. How the in the hell can you sell your own brother out?

This past Thursday on my way to driving to Las Vegas, I got an email from my very good friend and client Jeanette Young. (Jeanette is one of  many successful real estate agents in the Chino Valley)

Anyways, as my wife was sleeping on the passenger side I decided to check my email (I have one of those “Crackberry’s”. I have been trying very hard not to check my emails when I drive BUT these phones are addicting. My wife hates it when I check them and constantly tells me that someday I am going to cause an accident. I am telling you, these phones are like drugs. I am going to admit myself to the “Crackberry” 12 step program.) Instead, I quickly glanced at my email and the subject wrote, “Did you see what Jay did to his brother?”

Feeling guilty, I put the phone down. Despite my relaxing weekend with my beautiful wife, I returned to work on Monday only to find an eye popping daily bulletin sitting on my desk.

I come to find out that Jay McGwire is circulating a manuscript titled “The Mcgwire family: The truth about steroids, a slugger, and ultimate redemption”.

In 2005, under oath, Mark McGwire denied using illegal performance-enhancing drugs. See the below video:

I personally am not here to say whether he did or not, but to me it is as obvious as the O.J. Simpson case. However, why does Jay all of a sudden feel a need to bring it to the table? What is his purpose for selling his story now, rather than four years ago?

According to newspapers, Jay states, “My bringing the truth to the surface about Mark is out of love. I want Mark to live in truth to see the light, to come to repentance so that he can live in freedom, which is the only way to live.”

“Bull S***” is what I say to that. The only reason that Jay is bringing this up now, is because he is currently broke. He is selling out his own flesh and blood to get a book published. Those of us who live in the area know that Jay’s gym went out of business about a year ago and owes money to many of his former clients and employees.

Well this is what I have to say to Jay.

Jay, if you want to live in freedom I suggest paying back your former clients and employees first, before putting your family’s name and your brother under the rug for money. How hypocritical can you possibly be? I know many of your former clients and employees will vouch that you sold them a 6-month membership the same week that you closed your doors. Yet, you go around claiming that you are Christian and say “Jesus this and Jesus that”. You allege that you are doing this for your brother and not for you. Weren’t you a Christian four years ago? Why is it that now you have a conscious? Did you not have one four years ago?

I personally hate it when people use Christianity and God’s name to justify their wrong actions. I am sure that others along with myself would have respect for Jay if he would come out and say, “I am broke and I need to sell out my brother for money.” People might not agree with it but they will at least respect him for being honest.

I say publish the damn book, and donate all the profits and anything related, to charity!

Do you think that Jay would publish it then? I DON’T THINK SO!

I believe that God has an amazing way of dealing with us. For example, look at the O.J. Simpson case. We all knew he committed a crime and somehow managed to beat the law, and published a book entitled “If I did it”. We all know how justice was later served.

Sam Bakhtiar

Chino/Chino Hills Top Fitness Expert

Fitness Concepts Personal Training

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January 20, 2009

Healthy Restaurant Review #10; Louie’s Chicken

This week I take you a “Health Catered” restaurant where you can guarantee all the food is fresh, healthy and most importantly tasteful! Louie’s Chicken & Fish Grill was previously located in Chino, but has recently relocated to Upland. The owner of this restaurant is working on designing a Caloric Menu, which will list their menu’s nutritional facts.
Although I previously said I was only doing ten restaurant reviews, I will occasionally go to different restaurants in the area. Therefore, if you have a suggestion please feel free to let me know. Don’t forget achieving your weight loss goals can most definitely be obtained no matter where you eat.

Check out the video below:

Sam Bakhtiar
Fitness Concepts Personal Training
Chino & Chino Hills Fitness Expert

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January 15, 2009

Healthy Restaurant Review #9; Johnny Rockets

This week Sam heads to Johnny Rockets in Chino Hills to show people that it is not just hamburgers and shakes to order at this restaurant. Recently Fitness Concepts paired up with the owners of this Johnny Rockets to create a ‘Fitness Concepts’ healthy menu along with a limited time special offer.

Now, there is a healthy alternative to this restaurant to better help you with your weight loss.



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January 7, 2009

Healthy Restaurant Review #8

This week I was ecstatic to this review because this is another one of my favorite restaurants! All their food is healthy, which makes it easy for weight loss, because this way you have a wide variety of items to choose from.

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for next week’s review…you’ll be suprised!

Click the ‘play’ button below to watch the video.

Sam Bakhtiar

Top Fitness Expert Chino/ Chino Hills

Fitness Concepts Personal Training

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