August 23, 2009

1. Making Better Choices at Mac Donald’s


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Okay the verdict is out on McDonald’s!!  After about an hour of studying these nutritional facts this is what I recommend.


Click any Mc Donald’s image to go to site to get nutritional info….

Leave me a comment and let me know what do you usually eat when you go to Mac Donald’s. Also If you enjoyed this post share it with your facebook friends by clicking on the facebook emblem below.

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August 23, 2009

Jonas Deffes @ 5:10 pm

Outstanding! Great stuff Sam!

August 24, 2009

Joe A. @ 8:52 am

Hi Sam,

How about Happy Meals? That’s what I usually get. I really don’t know what the calories are but I always feel satisfied (I get a kid sized cheeseburger, fries, and coke) and I can’t imagine the calories being that high on this small meal. Are they?

I enjoy your videos by the way. Thanks,


Dr. Saman @ 9:19 am

Hi Joe,
Even though you are trying to controlling your portion you are still not making better food choices. The french fries are fried and the coke still has a bunch of sugar. Not to mention this meal has only about 10-12 grams of protein. This way of eating subscribes to the thinking that a calorie is a calorie(which I don’t believe in and here is why).
Joe, if you had a twin and one of you started eating 2000 calories from grilled chicken, salads, fruits and veggies and the other ate 2000 calories from hamburger, fries and coke do you think after a year they will look the same even though they ate the same amount of calories? Of course not. Hope I answered your question.

Jim Franchino @ 9:46 am

Hi Sam,
I have heard a lot about you from many of my customers.
I own Papachino’s here in Chino and have a menu and concept that is very good for your ideas of proper eating habits.
I invite you to either come in or call me and we can get together as I think between us we can do some good things for the community and ourselves.
My cell # is 909 975-9947 or Papachino’s is 909 393 9904
Have a Great Day,

Dr. Saman @ 1:10 pm

Hi Jim,
Yes it looks like we have many mutual costumers. I love the idea. I will call you and set something up.

Tammy @ 11:50 am

Thanks for doing this series on Fast Foods…occasionally, we all have to stop for a quick bite to eat, it’s nice to get a heads up on what to get, should we find ourself at Mc Donalds, I am not a big fan of Mc Donalds, I tend to want to go to Del Taco, King Taco, or In n Out. I hope you are going to hit up both of these places too.
Thanks Sam…you are the best!

Dr. Saman @ 1:11 pm

You are very welcome. Oh yes, we will definitely hit almost all fast food joints.